Friday, April 11, 2014


Welcome to week 3 of the one room challenge.  We are halfway through and I have so much to do!
(Check out week one and two if you missed them.)

I narrowed down my fabric choices...
I used the flame stitch fabric last week to recover the pelmet box (and will also be using it to reupholster the waterfall stools).
The "Adele Springtime" floral fabric is from Calico Corners and will be used as pillow covers.

I got the other two from Jo-Ann's for the bedskirts...

I basically just followed the same steps I used for the guest room from the last ORC...

(I used the pink fabric for the corners for some contrast)

I was also able to purchase the rug.  My 9 yo really wanted a fluffy rug so I got this white faux sheepskin rug by Home Decorators.

Here's a tip - I purchased mine through Home Depot because they offer free shipping (and on sale now too!)

That's all I have for you this week.

I still have to...

1.  Update the headboards
2. DIY a pelmet box
3.  Recover the waterfall stools with the flame stitch fabric
4. DIY the bedskirts and pillows
5. Purchase the mirror and rug
6. Paint the dresser
7.  Figure out the chandelier 
8.  Accessorize

And for the study room..
1.  Repaint the Etageres in coral pink
2. Replace the area rug and chair
3.  Hang a mirror above the sectional
4.  Unsure if I want to replace the wallpaper or just cover that entire wall with art.
5.  Accessorize


Now let's check out what the others are doing.
Thanks for following along!



Well that is a good tip...ordering through HD! I really love those benches at the foot of the bed.....I know this room is going to be so cute!

Alana in Canada said...

I feel your panic. That is a fantastic rug--and it made me realise that I had to get to Home Depot right this minute and get one! So I did. Thanks for that.

Stacey {steward of design} said...

The fluffy rug is going to be so nice and cozy in their room. Can't wait to see the pillows I love that floral fabric.

Kerry Steele- Design du Monde said...

You have done so much on this incredibly ambitious list. It will be amazing.

aquahaus said...

That rug looks like an excellent place to lounge and read books. The room is coming along well! xo

Delia said...

Hi Charmaine. I like your color choices. I, too, am decorating my daughter's room for the challenge. Good luck!

Carrie @ Cosy Carolina Interiors said...

Pretty fabric choices! Thanks for the tip on the rug from Home Depot! It looks sooo soft. :)

Cathy Wall said...

I knew the Home Depot carried Home Decorators products but not about the free shipping, score! It's lookin' good in that room....!

kate@willowinteriors said...

This looks great!!! Love your fabrics and I ordered the same rug for my daughter's ORC room!!!! Too funny! Great taste! :) Due to arrive today and I'm so excited...had great reviews, just a little worries abt shedding. This room is going to look great!


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