Thursday, October 31, 2013


Welcome to week 5 of the One Room Challenge Linking Party!  The ORC is created by Linda of Calling it Home where a group of 20 bloggers design a room in 6 weeks.  This year, Linda was kind enough to host an ORC Linking Party where 70 something bloggers joined in the fun (including me!)
Here are the previous weeks if you missed them.

This previous week was about another DIY - Salvaging the faux bamboo cane chair I got from my neighbor's garbage...

First, I unscrewed the the top frame from the bottom frame and got rid of the damaged caning simply by cutting...

Next, I used a 1" square dowel from home depot to make angled brackets like so...

I traced my wood from under the frame to get accurate measurements for the angles...

Cut then screw.
(I pre-drilled some holes and screwed them to the frame)...

I ended up with two angled pieces in front and one long horizontal piece for the back(since my chair is curved)...

For the seat, I used a ply board from home depot and traced to size...

Then cut with my jigsaw...

I used 3 inch foam and batting for the cushion and added hot pink piping..

then screwed the seat to the frame...

One rescued chair! Yes!

I also got these frames from Michael's...

for some of my favorite photos from recent travels...
(I love how the frame is hardly noticeable).  I think I'm going to add two more and hang them around the tv.

The electrician is coming tomorrow to install the sputnik chandelier.
The duvet cover is going to be delivered today.
All I have to do is hang the tv, mirrors and art then accessorize!
Eeek!  I can't wait to show you.

Come back next week for the big reveal!

Thursday, October 24, 2013


Welcome to week 4 of the ORC!  Last week was a DIY week.

I managed to make a slipcovered headboard, bed skirt and curtains!

First, the headboard.
I  don't have a step by step how-to for you but I basically followed the same steps I used for the upholstered bench I made last year minus the zipper side.

(I measured my existing headboard then added an inch for seam allowance on all sides (hxwxd)
I ended up cutting 3 pieces of fabric - front, back and a continuous boxing for the sides and top...)

I also used the hot pink piping I got from ReStore for contrast...

(proof that I'm still a sewing novice)


I ended up with this...
(still needs ironing and I wish it was a little tighter but overall  I'm pretty pleased with the result)

Next, the bed skirt.

I cut 5 pieces of fabric.
2 for the sides, the front and 2 small ones for front corners...  

I hemmed the sides and also used the pink piping to match the headboard.  I cheated and used upholstery nails to attach the pieces to the box spring...

Sides and corners first...

then front...


(The rug is back from the cleaners!)

Not bad, right?!

Lastly, the curtains...

Ikea ritva curtains + navy grosgrain ribbon + hot glue gun =
I purchased a 2  1/4 " grosgrain ribbon from ribbon retreat (which came as one continuous roll)  and I used my level ruler as the margin from the hem and in between the two bands. 

(I got the bamboo shade at Big Lots for $25!)

The room is coming together!

I still need to -

make a cushion for my chair
install sputnik chandelier
hang art

Thanks for following along!  If you missed the previous weeks, just click on the ORC link button on the top right of this page.

Now let's check out how the others are doing!

Thursday, October 17, 2013


Week 3!  We are half way done and so much more to do.
(If you missed week one and two, check it out here and here.)

Well, I've been busy shopping (aka thrifting aka bargain shopping) for some furniture and accessories for the room.

I went to the Elkhorn Flea Market a few weeks ago and scored some great pieces.

First up is this amazing vintage rug...

It's a 6x9 indo-persian(according to the expert) rug probably from the 50's or 60's.  I got it for $125.  It is currently being professionally cleaned and was told it is worth around $2000.  Score!!
I got my inspiration for this makeover from the colors of this rug.
In love!

 Who doesn't love a pair of chinoiserie lamps...
(these are going to flank the tv)

and a vintage luggage rack (it is the guest room after all)...

I snatched this faux bamboo chair from my neighbor's garbage pile a few months back...
Some tlc and an upholstered cushion(with the fabric below) and this chair would be good as new!

I got these original vintage paintings from my trip to Scott's...
I'm going to use the top one and hang it above the bed.

 I also purchased the fabric for the headboard and bed skirt.  It is a linen bled (Wave Circa Indigo by Waverly) from Jo-Ann's.  I scored the hot pink piping from ReStore ($2 for the whole roll!).  The grosgrain ribbons are for the Ritva curtains from Ikea.

Lastly, I wouldn't be able to complete this room if not for the help of my Etsy partner, friend and shopping buddy Erin (@egigliadesign).

She found some unbelievable pieces for me...

a pair of vintage nightstands

a vintage tufted bench 


this vintage sputnik chandelier!


Can you imagine the room with all these pieces?!!

I have a feeling I'm going to be sleeping in this room when I'm done.

Now let's see what the others have done.

Happy Thursday!

Thursday, October 10, 2013


Welcome to week 2 of the One Room Challenge Linking Party.  If you missed week one, check it out here.

The past week was all about paint.  I didn't really explain much about my plan last week but I wanted to paint the room a nice shade of barely there pink. (more like light coral than pink)

I bought 2 paint samples, Soft White(top) and Sunlit Coral(bottom) both by Benjamin Moore...

The Soft white was a tad too light for me and the Sunlit Coral, although pretty, was darker than what I was looking for.

In the end, I went with Blanched Coral also by Benjamin Moore (Thanks Kimberly for the suggestion!)

(It looks beige-y here but it is actually a very light coral, maybe a few shades darker than Soft White above)

Here are 2 rooms painted in Blanched Coral...

Architectural Digest

source unknown

Pretty, pretty!

I've also been busy shopping for some accessories.
Can't wait to show you what I got for the room (including an awesome vintage light fixture)!

Also, I'll be sharing a couple of DIY's too.
(Slipcovered Headboard and bed skirt, window treatments and upholstered cushion)

Here's a little teaser...

Don't forget to check out the other 72 (yes, 72 of us!) linking participants and of course the original 20!

Happy Thursday!


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