Wednesday, December 5, 2012


While looking for the faux croc vinyl fabric for the louis chairs,  I came across these...

{all from here}

Not only are they vinyl but the black patterns are velvet flocked!
I think they are pretty cool, stylish and durable!  What more can I ask for?  If only I can find a use for them.

Have you used this kind of fabric?


Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

I have touched this fabric, and it is pretty damn cool.

Albertina || Mimosa Lane said...

these are all glam! fun! Keep us posted if you use it.

Thanks for your comment this morning. I usually live under a rock and never ever watch reality you have to tell me was one of the images I grabbed in today's post in Million Dollar decorators? Fill me in please! I'm going to have to start watching this

Albertina || Mimosa Lane said...

Thanks so much!!! And thanks for the blogger email tip....will decipher that tonight! OMG so thankful for you!!

Vel Criste said...

Havent used this for a project but have these on some pillows, I absolutely love them, they are very luxurious.

emily fitzgerald {once in a blue room} said...

these are so cool! loving the patterns.
xox emily
www.once in a blue

p.s. i laughed out loud at the name of your blog. too cute!!

Laura Collins said...

Oh my- I love the leopard! great find!! I want to see your bell wreath!! Spray paint it!!

Laura xo

t said...

Looks cool!

Anonymous said...
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