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Happy Monday Everyone!  Today, we have Laura from Gracefully Searching sharing to you her great Craigslist Finds.  

Hi Charmaine, thank you so much for asking me to participate in your Monday Craigslist Finds! I am a CL enthusiast myself so I would love to share with you and your readers some of my favourite finds! 
When faced with the task of furnishing our first place I looked at our initial budget and realized that my taste was a little out of reach. In order to achieve the vibe we were looking for we had to think practically. After talking to several friends about how to furnish a space without going completely broke I was turned to Craigslist, and alas an obsession & treasure trove was resented to me! Since I have started CListing, I have gained some incredible finds, and now I am spreading the word. If you come over and ask me where something is from, more often then not I will reply "Craigslist". I would describe the aesthetic of my home as eclectic neo-traditional, it is a progressive venture so it is always evolving and becoming more of a home, find by find. The amount we have saved has been incredible had we found these pieces retail and the uniqueness and originality is the reward! 

Hope you enjoy! Come visit me at Gracefully Searching for more decor tips!! 

1. After a long search for perfect side tables in our living room I came across 2 glass & brass cube tables. They were $50 for both, the seller was leaving the country and needed to sell fast(always the best deals) I am obsessed with brass & glass so I was over the moon. I would fill our whole house with it if I could but I think I am finished now. 

2. Another great score for $50, often I find sellers are just looking to clear up their space, or pass on a piece someone has given to them. In this case it had been in someones garage(in perfect condition). Out of context it is hard to understand sometimes how you can work a piece into your decor, lucky for me it was just what I was looking for!

3. We actually found our couch online. It was a steal at $500. I never considered purchasing a couch from CL but this was hard to pass up. It was close to brand new(0r so they said) when we bought it, and it fits all of us comfortably on movie nights! It was a larger purchase, but for the size and the quality- a HUGE steal!

4. These chairs I purchased from a fellow blogger in Toronto who knew I was looking for chairs. They are rattan, and have a really lovely shape to them. I still need to recover them, I am thinking black with piping, they were about $50 I think.(That seems to be the magic number)

5. I had been searching for chairs for out dinning room table(also a CL find for $50) for sometime, I had thought about skirted upholstered chairs, the Tobias Ikea chairs, and then I came across these Bertoia chairs. I don't know if they are real(how do I know?? Any idea- would it say somewhere) either way they were $250 for all 6 so we went in for the kill. They all have navy leather seat cushions, that are super comfy, I love these- they were the perfect choice!

6. This console was initially used in our home as an entry console, but we tried it temporarily as a desk, and now it functions as our sideboard. It is an Ikea purchase, bought over CL. We paid $50- they were leaving the country, it was very interesting trying to get this into our small car!! 

7. Our entry table console is one of my favourite purchases. I had been looking for a two tier brass/glass entry table for some time (I was convinced after seeing Caitlin Wilsons) and found this one for $75- also interesting getting this one home…. Lets just say one of the car doors was held closed with rope, and maybe some tape… Yeah!

8. Finally the piece that started the brass and glass craze is this coffee table. Elizabeth Bauer inspired me with her lucite/brass coffee table, I loved it so much I wanted something light/airy similar to hers. We found it to $150, I am sure we could have found it for less but I frantically needed it!! 

If you are looking to rejuvenate your space, need help with some finishing touches pop by my site or email me a

Have a great day- Thanks again Charmaine!!

Laura xoxo

Laura and I are kindred spirits when it comes to decorating,we have very similar tastes.  
The bamboo chairs remind me of the chippendale chairs in our dining nook and the brass sofa table is very similar to the one we have in our family room!  She also used mid century modern chairs in her dining room!  {Check out my craigslist finds here}
{To spot a real vs fake Bertoia chair, check it out here.}

Thanks again Laura for sharing your finds with us!!!

Do you have any craigslist finds you want to share?  Email me to be featured in the weekly Craigslist Monday series. Here.


Anonymous said...

I'm guessing that these are fabulous finds, but are there pictures as well to show how fabulous they are? Or are the pictures to be found on your blog itself?

My Interior Life said...

Ditto. I don't think the photos came through. At first, I thought it was just my computer taking too long to load but maybe the photo links aren't working?

Holly Foxen Wells of Glamour Mash said...

I am seriously going on Craigslist after I comment! These finds are amazing! Especially loving the barcart!

Holly Foxen Wells

Vel Criste said...

Love the bar cart, the bertoyas and the rattan chairs the most! :-)


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